Steady breeze

Written by David Townsend

14, August 2005

Position Santa Cruz, Islas Canaria.

North Atlantic Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here’s the latest news.

Well it’s week six, the ongoing technical problems onboard should be resolved by this time next week as we are having a wind generator fitted. This should enable us to use the autopilot more efficiently.

On the way to the Canaries we had to hand steer all the way, some 2,100Nm and this was reflected by the state of our hands when we arrived. We are now in Tenerife which is a beautiful city with contrasting views and fascinating architecture and in common with the rest of the Canaries the people are very friendly and put up very patiently with my bad Spanish.

Here in Santa Cruz the heat generated in the morning creates a steady breeze around 11:00hrs (GTM) by means of convection and as in common with all the islands a heat haze is also created by around mid morning however as we are located on the Northern tip of the island we are not effected too much by this.

To all the ships at sea and to all the ports of call, to my friends and family may you be happy and keep safe until we meet again.

Fair winds, calm seas.