Still carnival time

Written by David Townsend

26, February 2006

Position 08°04’198S 034°52’386W

At anchor, Recife, Brazil.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following our journey. Here’s this weeks update.

It is still carnival time here in ‘Reciefe’ and apparently as there was a two week build up to the carnival so there is a two week ‘slow’ down with many individual street parties. It has been an interesting weekend in more ways than one with me loosing (or had them stolen) my bank cards, I have advised the bank and they are forwarding new ones to the British diplomatic mission in Trinidad so I do need to leave here soon to pick them up.

Now I normally only take a few ‘Real’ (local currency) out with me but as yesterday just started out as a video session early in the morning I had them on me to withdraw money to last the weekend but we then met up with some sailors from H.M.S. Liverpool (D92) and a engineering officer cadet from a merchant ship moored here. I quickly returned me gear onboard and returned to what ended up as all day session especially after meeting up with some Russian sailors, also from the merchant ship.

I can basically recall falling halfway in the dinghy (the half in the sea) at some good forsaken hour during the night and some how getting back onboard.. It must have been an interesting attempt as there are black marks from my shoes all over the stern and at some rather peculiar angles this morning.

I intend to leave midday tomorrow (Monday) but this will now depend on when Woody return’s onboard after meeting up with young girl ashore last night….

19:00hrs (GMT) update, Woody has just returned after spending a ‘family’ day out with the girl and her children, apparently one of them does not have a fathers name (she thinks her father was a Dutch sailor) of her birth certificate so she’s trying to line up Woody.

Life onboard:
We purchased a tarpaulin during the beginning of the week and this had made it a little cooler down below deck.

The boat:
It has been a more productive week, I spent most of the time cleaning the hull and decks so Pinta now looks like she should do and in time for her following in her namesakes path, i.e. visiting the America’s…

Well that’s if for this week and a rather different update.

Fair winds and calm seas.