A chill out week

Written by David Townsend

8, January 2006

Position 07°55’251S 014°24’786W

At anchor, Georgetown, Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following our journey, here is this weeks update.

Well once again a nice chill out week here on Ascension although it would appear we have been honorary (unofficially) members of the saints club. The saints club is where all thought’s who come from St Helena spent their free time. We only used to go in there for an hour or two but now we can never leave before closing time as everyone wants to buy us drinks. Life can be really tuff out here.

We are also well known at the local bakery who always look after us… I will be sorry to leave this place as the people are just so friendly

This week’s quote ‘A boat is more than a hull and sails, a boat is freedom, freedom to explore life’s ocean’.

Fair winds and calm seas.