Becalmed in Lagos

Written by David Townsend

11, July 2009

Position¬†37°06’561N 008°40’483W

Marina De Lagos, Portugal, Atlantic Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Weather bound in Lagos

Life Onboard:

The morning after the night before finds Pinta with a small problem, a popped starboard, after, lower shroud. I made my way north to Lagos and the Marina del Lagos. In recent times too many marinas for me but I need to replace the broken shroud.

A nice area with nice people however I need to move on, I need to return home. By Thursday the new shroud arrived and was fitted. I adjusted the tension first thing on Friday. The rest of the week was spent dhobying as I find myself weather bound in Lagos, the wind seems always to blow here regardless of the surface pressure charts. Speaking to the local sailors here, that is normal, unfortunately the situation is made more difficult  for the current flows southwards from the north so not only do I have a head wind but also I find myself punching the current too.

Weather they say can only be predicated daily, no further ahead than that, so it is Pinta finds herself berthed as I check the weather every morning. Once I see an opportunity I shall depart immediately.

The Boat:

New shroud fitted

Fair winds, calm seas.