Sailing with Dolphins

Written by David Townsend

19, July 2009

Position 43°21’556N 008°14′ 737W

Sada, Spain.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Sailing and fishing with dolphins

Life Onboard:

My departure from Lagos (Portugal) was delayed by one day, on Saturday whilst checking my emails ashore I ended up watching the Formula One qualifying session. This quickly got me back in to F1, something I had not seen since leaving the UK four years ago.

Sunday was F1 day and nothing was going to change that, a really nice time watching and chatting to friends. This rapidly turned in to a goodbye day as people I had met during my brief stay came in to say their goodbyes, and a drink of course.

Monday depart for what I know would be one of those passage, a head wind and current. Motoring would be the order of the day, I could sail it but I would rather get to Sada (North Spain) and wait their for a weather window to cross Biscay than spend a few weeks beating to windward.

Indeed it was one of those passage, 30kn on the nose for the first day, decreasing to 25kn then cyclonic. The best time was always at sunrise and sunset, dolphins would surround Pinta. The highlight was Thursday evening when a pod of around thirty or so came by. I could see them on the horizon, then the next thing I noticed was they all diverted and came my way. The sun slowly sinking towards the sea, golden water twinkled as dolphins frolicked around Pinta.

I arrived in Sada on Friday as squall after squall visited. Ashore once all secure, after checking in at the marina office I went off to find a ‘locals’ watering hole. I spent the next few minuets trying to contact Joe, an old friend and ex work college who I had not seen since May 2005. He had later retired to the area.

I finally managed to get hold of Joe’s mobile number, a quick call and guess who arrived at the ‘watering hole’. Joe and his wife Jo, a few beers then invited back to their home. A beautiful new home they had only recently finished building, after, well more alcohol than I can recall Jo cooked an amazing array of food. It was decided I should spend the night so more chatting accompanied by yet more alcohol, the next thing we knew it was 03:30hrs (GMT). All in all a nice day spent with friends, you cannot ask for more than that.

The Boat:

No work carried out this week.

Fair winds, calm seas.