Charlestown, like an English country village

Written by David Townsend

26, November 2006

Position 17°08’94N 062°37’92W

At anchor off Charlestown,  Nevis (St Kitts & Nevis).

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

It has been an interesting week with the departure of my crew in Antigua.

Life onboard:

After a nice sail in 20kn of wind coming over the stern, so a nice run up to Nevis I settled down my writings. I thought you might like to read an abstract regarding items used during the first year of the voyage (up to end July 2006).

Equipment and food loses / used.

The amount of food consumed varied depending on our location, for example while on Ascension Island there was no gas for cooking so we saved what we had thereby the tinned food usage doubled. The figures below are for year one where we had 2 persons onboard and spent the first few weeks in colder climates.

In year one we did not eat too much fresh food apart from the when leaving Ascension Island with 30kg of fresh fish and when leaving Brazil, the food was so cheap it would have been silly not to do so.

Sorry about the formatting there is nothing I can do within this email program.

Year one by Item / Quantity

Tinned food

Beans 30

Beef stew 4

Carrots 30

Chicken roll 6

Corned beef 30

Fruit cocktail 15

Ham 25

Hot dogs 9

Hot dogs (cocktail) 2

Luncheon meat 50

Oil – cooking 4ltrs

Oxtail soup 3

Peaches 20

Pears 9

Peas 30

Salmon – pink 1

Salmon – red 4

Scotch broth soup 2

Spaghetti Bolognese 3

Stewing steak 15

Tuna 24

Vegetable soup 6

Various packed mixes 10

Fresh food

Apples 8kg

Bananas 10kg

Biscuits 2kg

Beef – stake 4kg

Bread 15 loafs

Butter 3kg

Chocolate 1.5kg

Crisp / Pringle’s 20 large tubes

Fish – Grouper / Tuna / Wahoo 30kg

Flour 35kg

Pineapple 4

Salt 1kg

Soft drinks 20ltrs

Sugar 2kg

Sweets 1.5kg

Water 2,000ltrs

Yeast 1.5kg

Chandelier items

Diesel 480ltrs

Forestay 1

Fishing line 800m

Fishing lures 8

Furling spare parts 3

Gas – cooking 55kg

Impeller 1

Impeller casket 2

MOB light – Stolen Abidjan 1

Oil – engine 3ltrs

Rope – Furling Genoa line 30m

Shackle 1

Split pins 5

Steering cables 2 (1 for spare)

Well, I hope that was interesting, it certainly opened my eyes as to what was used then compared to what is used now.

Here on Nevis, the town, Charlestown is rather like an English country village with its winding streets, village centre and greens. The people are very friendly.

As mentioned earlier I have been spending a lot of time updating the book but also backing up to DVD the video taken so far, some 38 DVD’s with an estimated 6 more to ‘burn’ this coming week.

The Boat:

Pinta behaved herself on the trip to Nevis and since we arrived. The only minor problem is the batter levels, they are a little low but slowly charging now the grey skies have cleared away.

Fair winds and calm seas.