Mid Indian Basin

Written by David Townsend

14, September 2008

Position 09°45’526S 086°54’668E 184Nm

Ninety-East Ridge, Mid Indian Basin, Indian Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

On day twenty seven the passage is progressing well, another twenty seven days or so to before reaching the port of Aden.

Life Onboard:
I am well into passage mode now with everyday blending onto another. The highlight of each and every being around midday (local) for not only is that when I can get an email connection and thus contact the world but also I can download the latest weather so I can adjust my route accordingly.

The beginning of the week was a low part for I had not seen the sun for eight solid days. The weather has been overcast with squall after squall during that time. The last of the ‘fresh’ food has been used up, this added to the low feeling. The upside is the smell of fresh bread for I bake a loaf every two days.

I spotted a vessel during Thursday night, my first sighting for nine days since I was off whilst off Christmas Island.

Fishing has been very quite with little interest shown, by the fish that is for the past five days.

My only concern for the near future are the growing number of pirate attacks around the ‘Gulf of Aden’ area however there is little I can really do about it other than ‘just go for it’, worrying about it will not get you anywhere.

The Boat:
Radar post, outboard side support bracket broke or to be more precise a tack weld holding the fitting onto a tube cracked causing movement. Using ropes I quickly secured the post. Luckily for me it happened in relatively calm weather with only 2m sea’s running, if it had been rougher then there would be little chance of saving the post, the radar and wind generator which are fitted onto it.

Fair winds, calm seas.