Most frustrating passage, so far

Written by David Townsend

28, September 2008

Position 04°52’013S 067°36’556E

Indian Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

It has now been 41 days since I departed Darwin back in early August. Since leaving England 1,207 days ago this has been the most frustrating passage so far.

Life Onboard:

Overall it has been a good week although as expected when nearing the equator (420Nm north of my current position) the weather pattens change. Squall after squall, rain, rain and yet more rain. Surrounded on nights with natures firework display with lighting all around me as I lay on my bunk I gave up trying to sleep that night for it was like a disco below decks. The following morning I found myself for the second time this passage becalmed with cyclonic winds as the fronts pass overhead.

I was hoping to be at the equator by now however I spent Wednesday (22 hours in all) going around in 25Nm diameter circle (anticlockwise) followed by 5 hours of winds around 39kn forcing backwards, then becalmed.

Catch 22 – Saturday the winds were very light and once again cyclonic. I am at this time sailing 075°T due to a NNW wind, combined with the current I have two choices. Heading SW or NE (ish).

The Boat:

The knife and fork draw fascia fell off, running repairs made.

The day after being in a long squall giving 39kn I noticed a small hole in the Genoa. This was not in a chafe area. I can only presume that there must have been some debris within it. A ‘V’ shape cut as if done by a knife. Running repairs made.

Fair winds, calm seas.