My hammock

Written by David Townsend

17, June 2007

Position 17035’003S 149037’157W

At anchor, lagoon ‘Punaauia’, Tahiti, South Pacific Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

‘La ora na’ (hello) and ‘Manava’ (welcome ‘I open my heart to you’) to paradise which is Tahiti and her islands.

Life Onboard:

I now understand fully why the mutineers loved these Islands; the girls are the most beautiful sight to behold. There has been a drive by the locals to revive old traditions and nothing adds to the wonder for all who visit theses distant shores than the tradition of wearing the national flower. Girl’s where the ‘Tiare Tahiti’ (Gardenia tahitiensis, very fragrant flower, the emblem of Tahiti and her islands) behind an ear. Behind the left ear indicates her heart has been taken, behind the right ear indicates her heart is free.

Last Sunday evening a vessel appeared on the horizon, once in range we had a chat for about 20 minutes (first conversation with anyone for 38 days) on the VHF radio. They then stayed with me for the next two days until our arrival off Tahiti at sunrise.

I have had little time to work on Pinta during the first few days for like most other things here the pace of life is relatively slow, it took me two days to check in as the port Captain is rarely in his office. The next few days were spent sourcing parts.

It is however as expected very expensive here, a beer will set you back £2.80 ($5). Food likewise is expensive but then you are in paradise.

If anyone would like some new wallpaper for their computer I have the most beautiful photograph (taken from my hammock), just let me know if you would like a copy (and the email address to send it too if not your default).

The Boat:

I have removed both the broken steering cables and shroud, the shroud I can get repaired within days however the steering cables I cannot.

I will have to make my own with what is available on the island, to that end If I can purchase a small vice and I will splice (Liverpool type) an eye round a thimble and attach this to the chain end (nearest the wheel), on the other end I hope to do the same but I feel I will be unable to feed the cable through so I might have to just put an eye splice in the cable, minus the thimble and attaché this to an eye-bolt.

Nana, Parahi (goodbye)