A good girl

Written by David Townsend

8, October 2006

Position 12°5’764N 061°14’134W

At anchor, Admiralty Bay, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St Vincent & The Grenadines.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Another week, another Island, well two really, I first arrived here I Bequia late last Tuesday then on Friday sailed over to St Vincent however the Coastguard came over this morning to let me know they have just issued a strong wind warning. Here at Young Island cut and at the port of Kingston the anchoring in not very protective against strong winds although Kingston is the better of the two.

Young Island cut and the lagoon are surrounded by reefs, when the wind picks up so does the surf rolling in over the reefs. I decided to sail back to Bequia; it is a naturally safe harbour, volcano shaped with hills all around and the entrance to leeward.

It was a nice sail over although it has been a long time since both the rudder and the propeller have been out of the water so much. The Ocean swell here was rolling in hitting the 80 metre shelve causing some 4 metre, very short frequency waves. That and the 29kn of wind made for a great sail.

Life onboard:

The Spring clean continues although nearly complete just two covers to do now, few.. good job for I am running out of soap powder, all this hand dhobying lol.

We have a nearly a full moon which has been making sleeping difficult, I always leave my skylight open so I can sleep under a blanket of stars but the moon has been too bright. Ok, I could pull the blind, and indeed I did so last night but I don’t like too. Such a beautiful sight, I would rather lay there for hours and watch the stars dance around as Pinta moves gently at anchor, one hopes.

The Boat:

Well the same as last week really for once again Pinta has once again been a good girl with me just applying the second coat of teak oil.

Fair winds and calm seas.