A mixed week

Written by David Townsend

12, April 2009

David Townsend, Sail360.infoPosition¬†35°54’173N 014°29’871E

Manoel Island Marina, Malta. Mediterranean Sea.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

A mixed week.

Life Onboard:

For most of the week, difficulty in getting around, difficulty in walking has been my biggest challenge. Midweek I went to the supermarket and like old times I suffered the next few days. I have been for, well nearly all of my stay just trying to rest but it to be fruitless.

As my efforts to find a berth for Pinta have been unsuccessful and although I do not feel like moving on I will have too soon. With this in mind I am trying to get motivated, trying to get my mind and body ready.

I spent a few days working on the website so I hope you like the changes. Writing has also been going well and I am almost up to date.

The Boat:

No work onboard this week as the weather has not been too nice.

Fair winds, calm seas.