A tropical wave

Written by David Townsend

13, August 2006

Position 11°09’51N 060°50’543W

At anchor, Store Bay, Tobago.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

After one of the most ‘liming’ weeks so far with mostly glorious sunshine, it was inevitable that the rain would return and so did towards the end of the week. We are now back in Store Bay or the Eastern (or Windward side) side of the Island for it proved to be a little uncomfortable while at anchor being exposed to the Atlantic (I also do not like anchoring on a Lee shore just encase the anchor should drag) swell so I decided to come back around to the Western side (or ‘Leeward side’).

Life on board:

It has been like old times this week spending it with some of my family. Life is a strange thing, do you remember when you was a child and the things you liked, like the food your mum used to cook. This week has brought many memories back for I found myself making meat loaf, herby potatoes and even porridge among others that my boys used to have when they were younger during the period when I was a ‘house-husband’ to them. Tomorrow will be home made chocolate cake!

During the past week we have been to some wonderful bays with stunning scenery. Backdrops where rain forest met the sea on one side while at sunset the sun fell asleep upon a sea of turquoise on the other, where fishermen still fish the old ways, where people paddle out to you sitting in nothing more than an inner tube to barter for local produce such as fish or fruit.

A tropical wave over the mid-Atlantic near 12N 35W, about 700 miles South West of the Cape Verde’s Islands, had the potential to develop into a tropical depression during the following few days but it dissipated. I have had the feeling for sometime now that this year’s hurricane season would start late and so it would seem to be so. Heads-up for September and keep your grin-on time.

The website will be updated when my boys return home; it will contain all the past updates as well as some new photo albums. The video section will sorted upon my arrival in Grenada where there is a good and free wifi access site for me to use. I will let you know once it has been done so you can check it out.

The boat:

Pinta has been a good girl this week with nothing to report.

To all my family and to the friends I have met so far, in particular to those at home in these troubled times we live (I heard via a local fisherman that England was under security alert a few days ago) I hope you are enjoying the summer holidays, unless your working that is, in which case please feel free to download a wallpaper from my site to not only brighten up your PC but perhaps when you have a quite moment you can sit back and dream of being on a stunning beach surrounded only by the music of the sea.

Fair winds and calm seas.