An odd week

Written by David Townsend

18, February 2007

Position 18°02’582N 063°05’686W

At anchor, Simpson Bay, Dutch St Maartin.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

I hope you had a nice valentines day last Wednesday.

Life Onboard:
Here it has been an odd week, the stainless extension bar for the wind vane had to remade several times as the fabricator first of all made it with a male fitting on both ends, then they made a conversion peace to correct the error. This made for a complete mess and so they started again, this time it was made correctly with a male fitting on one end and a female fitting on the other end.

On Wednesday evening we had guests onboard, Bob and Liea off SV Boyo. We enjoyed an ‘English’ meal, braised steak (with lots of gravy), beefeater style chips, fried egg and glazed carrots.

Later during the week SV Dude anchored next to Pinta, I first met the crew of  SV Dude back in Trinidad some nine months ago. Needless to say we had a great time ashore at the now regular ‘happy hour’ at the yacht club. There you can by ¾ pint bottle of beer for 60 pence.

The happy hour coincides with the bridge opening to the lagoon, the bridge opens three times a day but the main event is at 16:30hrs (L) when the outgoing traffic is let out, then again at 17:30hrs (L) for in going traffic. The yachts her are worth millions of dollars, some carry there own helicopter while most care all the toys needed to enjoy your time afloat, jet skis, fast ribs etc. There is even a ship called ‘BIG BLUE’ which besides a helicopter it carries on the deck near the stern a 60ft sailing yacht which can be lowered in to the water whenever needed.

The Boat:
With most of the work done now in readiness foe the trip to Panama we have just been tidying her up. Some wood was purchased, 2x4x14 foot length. This will be cut in half and used to secure the Jerry cans to along the railings.

Fair winds and calm seas.