Pinta has been a little stubborn this week

Written by David Townsend

17, September 2006

Position 12°02’683N 061°44’910W

At anchor, the ‘Lagoon’, St George’s Harbour, Grenada.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

It has been a slow week here although in the latter half some strong winds and heavy rain, 12cm in 24hrs. The side effects of tropical storm Gordon passing us by, follow this link for the latest information on hurricane Helene & tropical storm Gordon

As it has been so quiet, here are some nautical jargons for non nautical minded people;

Amidships – When you find yourself surrounded by boats, particularly when anchoring (usually the French)

Anchor – Device used for making archaeological discoveries on the sea bed

Anchor light – Device used for discharging batteries overnight

Berth – The result of inadequate family planning aggravated by excessive intakes of rum

Boom – The nose made by jet planes over secluded anchorages

Bottom Paint – The result of not listening to, I told you the paint was wet

Chart – A sort of map that tells you no matter what the log says, you are not moving towards your destination

Clew – It’s what the captain is giving you when he / she is jumping up and down gesticulating on the bow

Companion Way – When you do it with someone, rather than on your own

Dead Reckoning – When the captain counts the number of people whom he / she has managed to get up before 06:00hrs

Deviation – Visiting any other store apart from the supermarket or ships chandlers

Dismast – When ones spar is no longer erect

Estimated Position – Where you know you are not but would be if it weren’t for the wind, current, waves and baggy mainsail

Fender – Used for extra rebound when bumping off other boats

First Mate – In mixed crews, this is usually an order

Freeboard – What you give cockroaches, but not always friends

Head Way – Less dangerous than going over the side way

Heave – Used to lighten the vessel, particularly early in the voyage or during rough weather

Jibe – A crew manoeuvre used when the captain has barked once too often

Keel – When you see this you know that you are over-canvassed

Landlubber – Anyone who has sailed fewer miles than you

Latitude – Extra water allowance given attractive guest crew

Mizzen – Anything that can be found

Plough Anchor – Device used in underwater agriculture for demolishing reefs that are in the way

Port – An important but often invisible, ingredient used by happy chefs

Ram – Docking manoeuvre

Sheet – Piece of bed linen tied or pinned to the rigging to provide shade

Shroud – Something to do with a ship’s wake; sounds a bit dismal and covers up mysteries

Starboard – Astronavigation aid

Swell – A great wave; the Queen is good at this

Underway – Nautical version of subway

Ok, back to the update.

Life onboard:

A disappointing start to the week for I wanted move on down to Prickly bay but on my arrival there it was packed solid so decided to sail back here are re supply stores in readiness for my departure early this coming week. I intend to move up the North, tropical storm Gordon permitting to an Island called Carriacou, pronounced ‘Carrycoo’.

Other than that it has been a little slow for all I have done is to update the software on the computers to the latest version. Here in Grenada is a free wifi (wireless internet connection), which runs at over 11Mb, so better than full broadband. Sounds a little sad sitting here doing that but why I have the opportunity to do so I thought it wise.

The Boat:

Pinta has been a little stubborn this week; the engine cooling pump has finally been rebuilt. I spent yesterday (Thursday) morning driving around to find the Yanmar agent; they had the rubber seal I needed but not the bearing. So I tried the local Nissan dealer and they had the bearing in stock, so some three hours or so later it was refitted and tested ok. No leaks.

Might be hand to know. The Johnson cooling pump (AB) has two bearing’s, both of which are standard car bearings so anyone in the same situation, the inner bearing, the Johnson SKF-6001 is a Nissan part number 23338-J5500

The only other outstanding work onboard is to rivet back the towel holder for the heads, the rivets finally serum to salt damage after six years.

Next planned work is to clean here from bow to stern, below and topside. This weather permitting I shall be doing while you are reading this, that is unless rain stops play, then unfortunately I shall have to brave the rain and retire to the club house for a drink or two..

Fair winds and calm seas.