Sail fast, live slow

Written by David Townsend

24, September 2006

Position 12°29’183N 061°27’590W

At anchor, Hillsborough Bay, Carriacou (pronounced Carrycoo).

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Itchy feet, time to move on. I left Grenada at 06:00hrs on route for Carriacou, arriving at 19:30hrs. It was a difficult sail for it was a day of 35kn squalls, then down to 9kn, then moving from all angles. I gave up half way as the current started to change, this would mean about another 20 hours of tacking. Must be getting old lol.. No seriously I did not want to hang around hear at night going up and down. This is a very rocky area and I would rather be tucked up in bed than messing around out here.

I am anchored in a little horseshoe shaped bay, on the left brightly painted houses along the beach while the rest is covered with palm tress. I have 3.4 metres below the keel, a seabed of beautiful shaped rocks form dark greens to white, with water so clear it seems unfair to go fishing. I can see every fish, even crayfish on the bottom. Just one jump from the bow and wow, a nice cool 27.7°C, but then it is only 08:20hrs (L) here so plenty of time for it to warm up to around 30°C.

Just on the outside is a deserted Island, only a few hundred metres across, golden sands and know one there.. wow, a nice place to be.. Tyrell Bay, a small bay a few miles away are where the majority of yachts are anchored however as always I like to go where they do not and where I can interact with the locals. I have one local yacht (700 metres away) as a neighbour here.

Life onboard:

Life does not get much better than this, sunshine, that lovely Caribbean evening breezes just taking the temperature down a few degrees as the sun sets upon a background of golden clouds while turquoise, white topped waves caress the shore.

Tuesday was my birthday so another on exploring life’s Ocean and what a day, I had planned for a quite one or two drinks at the club house around midday then just chill out laying in the hammock, yea right, as if.. I ended up leaving around 21:00hrs for everybody just kept singing happy birthday while the drinks kept flowing, it was a very, very nice day.

I have made so many good friends here, a nice American couple and several individuals who despite myself and an army of ex pats ribbing them about how good the mother land was and is, we still got on very well. A Dutch couple as well as a Dutchman who charters his vessel out. A French man who has been sailing around the Caribbean for 12 years or so. OK I know what you Brit’s are thinking but there a few nice French people around although everybody out her dislikes them very much.

The Boat:

Pinta has been a good girl, and what happens to good girls, well you can think whatever you want about that but in her case the hull was cleaned for stem to stern. All rust stains removed then cleaned below deck, just the deck head I did not want to get too carried away.

Sail fast, life slow.