Quality time with family

Written by David Townsend

22, June 2008

Position 27°27’214S 153°11’470E

Manly Harbour, Australia, Coral Sea.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Quality time with family.

Life Onboard:
This has been a rather special week for me, spending quality time with my eldest son and his girlfriend.

Little to report for I have just been enjoying their company, evenings out, days fishing and sailing. We went sailing for a few days over to the wrecks off Merton Island.

They hired a car earlier during the week and visited ‘Movie world’.

My meeting with the Harbour master went unexpectedly well, as arranged, 08:00hrs outside the jetty kiosk. David. was very kind, instead of a slap across my wrist, or indeed a fine he said I could stay where I was free of charge for up to three months. This voyage upon life’s ocean has indeed been most unexpected for back home interning to the radio / watching TV one could get the impression the world is full of bad news, unfriendly people. I have found nothing but the opposite, what a wonderful world this really is.

The Boat:
Pinta sailed well during this week and is ready for sea once again.

Fair winds, calm seas.