Rum race

Written by David Townsend

23, December 2007

Position 36°50’920S 147°47’978E

At anchor Pokanoa Point, off Auckland, New Zealand, South Pacific Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Another stunning week anchored not far from the Auckland bridge which, once again I took art in the Friday evening Rum race. Such a good race I have no idea where we came all I no is that it was a cracking run ashore afterwards. We even visited the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron for several drinks. This, however meant once again I missed the last ferry home so spent the night sleeping on a couch and returned the following morning.

Life Onboard:

On Tuesday I woke with a very bad back, unable to get out of my bunk I lay there for a while. After taking some painkillers it eased slightly. This carried on and off for the remainder of the week.

During the week I also had a clean out, things that I had not used since leaving the UK which were just taking up too much space.

The Boat:

I attempted to resolve the ongoing H.F. problem which has meant I have not been able to send or receive emails onboard since mid September (07). I stripped down the transceiver (radio) but all seemed okay. I then laid a new earthling strip through-out Pinta linking the keel and engine gearbox into the system but to no avail.

I also have purchased a New Zealand gas bottle for her in NZ has been the first time since leaving the UK back in July 2005 that I have been unable to refill any of my mixed bottle set. I also found a conversion unit to plumb in the BBQ I was given back in August by SV Adelia. I had my first BBQ, YES!

Fair winds, calm seas.