Victualing of Pinta

Written by David Townsend

24, August 2008

Position 12°27’046S 124°18’400E

Off Osborn Passage, Tasman Sea, Indian Ocean.

Hi dear friends, thank you for following my journey. Here is this week’s update.

Open Ocean ahead.

Life Onboard:

The week began with the re-victual of Pinta in readiness for here next voyage, Monday was a day of rest whilst Tuesday I went ashore with the crew from ‘Nomad Life’, I was getting my fresh vegetables and fruit whilst they did there tinned shop. They will leave next wee whilst I will leave on Wednesday.

A farewell drink onboard SV Nomad Life on Tuesday.

Up with the sun to stow ‘Wilson’ then weigh anchor and off we jolly well go.

The first two days were frustrating for the lack of wind and strong current meant often I would be just holding my own, sometimes actually sailing backwards as I punch the current in light winds.

Friday evening brought > 30kn of wind and unfriendly seas, although I made good progress. Saturday, reality returned onboard as once again I felt ‘under the weather’, my leg’s once again felt like jelly. Heavy, awkward, lacking energy. I had great difficulty in maintaining my balance through this period however luckily the following day the sea’s started to die down to around 2m swell.

The rest of the week continued that way, I spent most of the day laying around resting although I did manage to get the onboard email working as did the fishing resume catching a nice 20Ib tuna.

The Boat:

No new jobs this week although I did rub down and varnish the flag pole.

Fair winds, calm seas.